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Fixing intermittent test failures in Rubyrubytesting
fast_jsonapi - lightning fast JSON:API serializer for Ruby objectsjsonruby
Ruby Optimization with One Magic Commentruby
# frozen_string_literal: true
Docker + Rails + system tests with headless Chromerailsrubydockerchrometesting
Flipper - Ruby gem for turning parts of application on or off at runtimeruby
Jets: the Ruby serverless frameworkserverlessrubyjets
Ruby on Jets allows you to create and deploy serverless services with ease, and to seamlessly glue AWS services together with the most beautiful dynamic language: Ruby
Ruby on Rails books for experienced developersrailsruby
TestProf - Ruby tests profiling and optimization toolboxrubyperformancetesting
Unsupervised learning using k-means clustering in Rubymlclusteringruby
Simple authorization gem for GraphQLgraphqlruby
Ruby bundler’s new update optionsbundlerruby
Debugging Ruby processes in Kuberneteskubernetesruby
Developing a Ruby on Rails app with Docker Composerubydocker
Deploying a Ruby on Rails application to Google Kubernetes Engine: a step-by-step guidekubernetesrubydevops
TestProf II: Factory therapy for your Ruby testsrspecrubyperformancetesting
Top 10 errors from 1000+ Ruby on Rails projectsrailsruby
10 key points of Ruby development: special interview with Matz and Mr. Miyagawa of Rebuild.fmruby3ruby
Linear regression in Rubymlruby
Web scraping with Rubyruby
Implementing sessions in an Alexa Skill in Rubyalexaruby
Blockchain App with Rubyblockchainruby
Kamisama - start, monitor, and observe background worker processes from Rubyruby
Solving CAPTCHAs with TensorFlow and Rubytensorflowruby
Porting Ruby to Crystal (plus packaging example)crystalruby
Rust for Rubyistsrustruby
Ruby 2.6 preview: Timing JITjitruby
How to Write a Ruby C Extensioncruby
19 Ruby on Rails gems which can amazerailsruby
Ruby on Rails Web Application Vulnerabilitiesrailsruby
Progress on Ruby 3x3ruby
5 more Ruby on Rails tipsrailsruby
(5 mins reading)
Ruby branch coverage with DeepCoverrubytesting
(3 mins reading)
Chain of Responsibility Pattern - Rubyruby
(5 mins reading)
Introduction to Concurrency Models with Rubyconcurrencyruby
(20 mins reading)and part 2
Building a blockchain in Rubytutorialblockchainruby
(150 mins reading)
Teaching a Neural Network to play a game using Q-learning with Rubynnruby
(10 mins reading)
Refactoring CanCan(Can) Abilitiesaclruby
(5 mins reading)
Performance Improvements in Ruby 2.5ruby
(5 mins reading)
yield_self in Ruby 2.5ruby
Essential RubyOnRails patterns — part 2: Query Objectsruby
(5 mins reading)
Essential RubyOnRails patterns — part 1: Service Objectsruby
(5 mins reading)
Using Ruby and Amazon SQS FIFO Queuessqsruby
Headless Capybara Feature Specs with Chromerubytesting
(5 mins reading)
DDD in handling payments exampledddruby
TestProf: a good doctor for slow Ruby testsrubytesting
Writing Slack command APIs in Rubyruby
Teaching an AI to play a simple game using Q-learning in Rubyairuby
(10 mins reading)
Elixir Envy ᐅ Rubyelixirruby
gems review
Speed up bundle install with --jobsrailsruby
Building and Deploying Ruby Docker Images with CircleCI and Herokurubydocker
Best Ruby & Ruby On Rails books in 2017ruby
Introduction to Scala for Rubyistsscalaruby
Implementing Classification using Logistic Regression in Rubymlruby
50 Most Common Rails Mistakes: The Ruby Wayrailsruby
(15 mins reading)
Create beautiful JavaScript charts with one line of Rubyrubyjavascript
Multi-process chat in Ruby: Concurrency Deep Diveruby
Sinatra 2.0.0 featuressinatraruby
Ruby 2D - make cross-platform 2D applications in Rubyruby
rails_best_practices - code metric tool for Rails projectsrailsruby
and rubycritic
AASM - State machines for Ruby classesruby
Hanami v1.0.0 releasedruby
How to set up a Microservices architecture in Rubyruby
Simple-feed - a flexible time-ordered activity feed in Rubyruby
Handling request cache in Rubyruby
IRB tools - improvements for Ruby consoleruby
Integrate Rubocop gem with popular Ruby text editorsruby
(5 mins reading)
Ruby Debugging Magic Cheat Sheetruby
GoF design patterns in Rubypatternsruby
(60 mins reading)
Is Ruby dead? Hell no! - Analyzing RubyGems stats for 2016ruby
(5 mins reading)
RKelly-remix - JavaScript parser in Rubyrubyjavascript
How To Scale Ruby on Rails Applications Across Multiple Dropletsrailsruby
(20 mins reading)
Ruby speech recognition with Pocketsphinxruby
3 Simple examples from Ruby to Elixirelixirruby
(10 mins reading)
Bayesian Filter Performance in Rubyruby
Go-like concurrency in Ruby with Agentgoruby
(10 mins reading)
All the little things - slides by Sandi Metzruby
(10 mins reading)Turning conditionals into objects
Inesita, Ruby frontend frameworkruby
Awesome NLP with Ruby nlpruby
(9001 mins reading)
Ruby 2.4 performanceruby
(3 mins reading)
Design Patterns in Rubyruby
3 more cool things about Rakefilesruby
(3 mins reading)
Connecting Ruby and Elixir with Erlixelixirruby
(15 mins reading)
RubyMotion - mobile applications written in pure Rubyruby_motionruby
(20 mins reading)
57 best Ruby gems used by RubyGarageruby
(10 mins reading)
Learning to Read x86 Assembly Languagex86crystalruby
(10 mins reading)
Running Optcarrot, a Ruby NES emulator, at 150 fps with the GUIruby
(5 mins reading)
67 Ruby Conf 2016 videosruby
Writing a C extension for Ruby in 2016ruby
(15 mins reading)
Ruby 3x3: Matz, Koichi, and Tenderlove on the future of Ruby Performanceruby
Ruby 2.3.3 Releasedruby
Euruko 2016, reviewruby
(10 mins reading)
Tensorflow Ruby APItensorflowruby
Few more tips to keep Ruby code smell-freeruby
(5 mins reading)
Microservices using Rails, HTTP & RabbitMQrabbitmqmicroservicesruby
(20 mins reading)
BlueHydra - Bluetooth device discovery service in Rubyruby
Ruby 2.4.0-preview2 releasedruby