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Ruby on Rails 6 is released!rails
and as usual, lots of new awesome features that save developer's time! :)
2018 Ruby on Rails developer community surveyrails
Boost your productivity with Ruby on Rails console aliasesrails
Using GraphQL in Railsgraphqlrails
Reduce database load when using unique vlidation in Railsrails
passwordless - authentication for Rails app without passwordsrailsauth
via email links
Docker + Rails + system tests with headless Chromerubyrailsdockerchrometesting
Switching from Sprockets to Webpackrailswebpacksprockets
Bridging Rails and Node.js with gRPCnodejsrailsgrpc
Ruby on Rails books for experienced developersrubyrails
Using encrypted secrets in Rails 5secretsrailsconfigenv
Trestle - modern, responsive admin framework for Ruby on Railsadminrails
Single file Rails applicationsrails
Upgrading Shopify to Rails 5rails
Squasher - squash your old migrations in a single commandmigrationsrails
Building a service-oriented architecture with Rails and Kafkakafkarails
Rails 5 Credentials and Kubernetesrailskubernetes
Best image uploader for Rails — Revisitedrails
Indexes on Rails: How to Make the Most of Your Postgres Databaserailspostgres
E-Commerce at Scale: Inside Shopify's Tech Stackrailsdevops
Speeding up Docker image build process of a Rails applicationrailsdocker
Ruby on Rails for FinTech productsrails
Top 10 errors from 1000+ Ruby on Rails projectsrubyrails
Add SMS notifications to Rails app using Twiliorailssmstwilio
Adding GDPR compliance to Rails apprailsgdpr
Securing user emails in Rails with attr_encryptedsecurityrails
Zen Rails Security Checklistsecurityrails
Keeping Rails logs free of unwanted noiserailslogsfail2ban
Migrating Rails Javascript and CSS assets from Sprockets to Webpacker 4.0railssprocketswebpacker
Bots on Rails, Part One: Looking For An Idea & Setting Things Uprailsbotfacebook
5 more tips to speed up capybara testsrailscapybaratesting
The correct emails configuration in Railsrails
Blueprinter - declarative and fast Ruby object to JSON serializerrailsjson
3 things that slow down and make your RSpec tests worserailsrspec
(3 mins reading)
Testing React.js components with Jest in Rails+Webpacker+Webpack environmentrailsreacttesting
4 more ways to refactor and speed up RSpec testsrailsrspec
Deploying Rails app to AWSrailsawsdocker
series of 7 articles
The Modular Monolith: Rails Architecturerails
Using Kafka with Ruby on Railskafkarails
part 2 Getting started with Ruby and Kafka
18 big companies using Ruby on Rails in 2018rails
19 Ruby on Rails gems which can amazerubyrails
Ruby on Rails Web Application Vulnerabilitiesrubyrails
Table partitioning with PostgreSQL and Railsrailspostgres
(10 mins reading)
5 more Ruby on Rails tipsrubyrails
(5 mins reading)
Using Rails ActiveStoragerails
Improving spec speed in a huge, old Rails apprailstesting
(5 mins reading)
Make your JSON API tests clean with linterrailstesting
(5 mins reading)
Receiving and Parsing Email in Rails 5rails
4 Ways to Secure Your Authentication System in Railssecurityrails
(5 mins reading)
Using Rails 5 ActionCable and RethinkDB to build a Reactive WebSocket Apprailswebsockets
(15 mins reading)
Speed up bundle install with --jobsrubyrails
Rails Quiz: XSS Editionsecurityrails
Managing Rails tasks such as 'db:migrate' and 'db:seed' on Kubernetes while performing rolling deploymentsrailskubernetes
50 Most Common Rails Mistakes: The Ruby Wayrubyrails
(15 mins reading)
Speed up with Materialized Views on PostgreSQL and Railspsqlrailsdb
A curated list of awesome activeadmin resources, extensions, posts and utilitiesrails
rails_best_practices - code metric tool for Rails projectsrubyrails
and rubycritic
Importing invalid legacy data with Railsrails
(3 mins reading)
Create New Rails App With Dockerrailsdocker
(10 mins reading)and Rails development flow with Docker tutorial
Dry-Validation as a schema validation layer for Ruby on Rails APIrails
(10 mins reading)
Versioning a Rails APIrails
Faster RSpec: Profiling FactoryGirlrails
(2 mins reading)
Ruby on Rails 5.1 Release Notesrails
Build an API in your Rails app now (Rails 5 version)rails
3 DB architectures for a Multi-Tenant Rails SaaS apprails
Adding Active Admin to a Rails 5 API apprails
What makes Rails a framework worth learning in 2017?rails
Deprecations in Ruby on Rails 5.1.0rails
Faster Rails: How to Check if a Record Existsrails
Rails 5.1.0 RC1 released!rails
State of the 2017 Rails Stackrails
Invisible captcha for Rails apsrails
(2 mins reading)
From Rails to Hanami: Modelshanamirails
(10 mins reading)
Integration Testing Ruby on Rails with Minitest and Capybararails
pp_sql - Rails ActiveRecord SQL queries log beautifierrails
Progressive web app on Rails with service workersrails
(10 mins reading)
Rails Security Checklistrails
Field Test - A/B testing for Railsrails
The Complete Guide to Rails Cachingcacherailsredis
(30 mins reading)
How To Scale Ruby on Rails Applications Across Multiple Dropletsrubyrails
(20 mins reading)
Safer Rails database migrations with Soundcloud's Large Hadron Migratorrailsmysql
(5 mins reading)
Introduction to fragment caching in Railsrails
Deploying Rails on Kubernetes in Google Container Enginerailsdockerkubernetes
(20 mins reading)
Few more Rails database best practicesrails
(10 mins reading)
7 Design Patterns to Refactor MVC Components in Railsrails
Rails: Signing out from devicesrails
Why learning Rails is still a great choice in 2016rails
(5 mins reading)
Helpy - an opensource modern Helpdesk in Ruby on Railsrails
(5 mins reading)
Rails SQL Query Trackerrailssql
Let the Asset Pipeline die. A definitive guiderails
(20 mins reading)
Yet another "Complete guide to Rails performance"rails
Searchkick - intelligent search made easy with Rails and Elasticsearchelasticsearchrails
(5 mins reading)
Anatomy of the Rails ActiveJobrails
(20 mins reading)
Setting up a Rails development environment using Dockerrailsdocker